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Aluminum Standard Bleachers

Bleacher Trans
Aluminum 5 Row Bleacher Units
  • Standard all aluminum, 5 row, non-elevated bleacher units with guardrail available to meet code requirements.

  • Available in standard 15', 21', or 27' lengths

  • Custom lengths are available by special order.

  • Standard units have double foot plank on all rows with riser on row 4 and double riser on row 5.

  • Aisles can be provided when required by code.

  • Chain link, heavy duty panel, or vertical guard rail options are available to meet code requirements.

  • Depth approximately 9'-5" from front seat to back

  • Height approximately 8'from ground to top of rail in back: 8" rise; 24" tread

  • Custom options are available.

Aluminum 10 Row Bleacher Units
  • All Aluminum 10 row bleacher units

  • Can be made to any length to meet the customer's need

  • Aisles provided to meet code requirements

  • Available as an elevated unit or a non-elevated unit

  • Custom options are available to meet code requirements

Aluminum Transportable Bleacher Units
  • Transportable units are standard 5 row & 10 row units fitted for a transport kit

  • Transport kit consist of wheels, axles, and tongue

  • One transport kit can be used for any number of units.

  • The standard 8 and 10 row units separate between rows 5 and 6 allowing it to be easily moved.

  • All units can be moved with an ATV pickup or small tractor

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